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About the Author
About the Author

Doug Werner is a health and fitness veteran and a winner of that industry’s Distinguished Service Award. His 35 years of career experience includes senior management positions with industry leaders such as Nautilus, Life Fitness, and Town Sports International. He is currently a vice president for Healthtrax Fitness and Wellness, a hospital based health club company with operations in 8 states. A 25 miles per week jogger and recreational marathon runner for most of his adult life, Doug turned to fitness walking and biking after knee surgery nearly 10 years ago. He introduced his daughter to fitness walking when she was 9 years old. Abbie Gets Fit is their true story about her amazing fitness transformation. Doug and his wife Jenny live in Glastonbury, CT with Abbie and her brother Sevi. This is Doug’s first book.

About the Book

Abbie Gets Fit is the endearing and compelling true story of one nine-year-old girl’s daily journey to fitness with her father. Motivated by a failed fitness exam at her school, Abbie and her father set out on a 6 month quest to improve her fitness level and prepare for the next exam. With a rain or shine, sixty minute fitness walk as the foundation of their daily program, Abbie’s fitness transformation was remarkable, and the bond she and her father forged as a result has changed their relationship forever. This book is a must read for any parent or child looking for the inspiration to adopt a more active and fit lifestyle!

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