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Abbie Gets Fit is based on a true story that continues to surprise and bring joy to our entire family. Unlike her younger brother, Abbie has never really liked sports much, has never been very active, and has always liked unhealthy snacks far too much. As a nine-year-old, while many kids her age were beginning their young soccer, gymnastics, or cheerleading careers, Abbie was happy to be at home dressing-up her dolls, playing board games with family and friends, hanging out watching her favorite TV programs, or just listening to music.

Despite growing up in a family which includes a fitness industry veteran, Abbie’s “deconditioning” kind of sneaked up on us. Abbie has never been seriously overweight or had any serious health issues. She’s always been very comfortable in her own skin, with no image problems and mostly very happy. But, she has also never had any doubts about her disinterest in sports or competition of any kind. Looking back, we now realize that over time we had been conditioned to accept Abbie’s inactive lifestyle as just a large part of her personality. Our mistake.

The truth is the experts are right about effective exercise for children. It can be as little as sixty minutes per day and it can be as easy as walking. You, the parent or guardian, must simply take charge, be committed to helping your child find some form of fun and effective exercise and find the time! In our case, Abbie and I usually choose to go to bed an hour earlier each night and get up an hour earlier each morning…sometimes as early as five. That might sound extreme, but we actually look forward to those early morning walks when it is just the two of us, hand in hand, in the dark and under the stars. This is not just our time to exercise together, but also our ‘daddy-daughter’ time each day. Not only have we both become much fitter in the process, but our relationship has been changed forever! This journey has truly been a win-win for us.

We have no doubt that, had we not intervened when we did, Abbie’s fitness level would have continued to deteriorate. Instead, Abbie, now thirteen years old, has become a very fit girl with a great attitude towards wellness. Although still not overly active, Abbie has developed a very healthy respect for the need to exercise and eat right every day…a respect that we are confident will serve her well for a lifetime. It is our sincere wish that this book will help you and your child get on the road to your own “Get Fit” story.

Yours in fitness,
Doug Werner

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