Abbie Gets Fit Book Cover
Abbie Gets Fit Book Cover
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While it is undoubtedly too challenging to completely change our youth culture, there are some relatively simple things that parents can do to help their sons and daughters become more physically fit.  Perhaps the best approach that I have seen is the one presented in this book. The training program and teaching techniques so clearly discussed in the conversational tone of Abbie Gets Fit provide an excellent model for parents to safely and successfully enhance their children's fitness.  Just as important as the impressive physical outcomes, the 'together time' experienced by Doug Werner and his daughter Abbie make this effective exercise program one that every parent should consider.

Dr. Wayne L. Westcott
Ph.D., CSCS, Fitness Research Director
Quincy College, Quincy, MA

I really love this book!

Dr. David Sabgir, M.D.
Founder, 'Walk With a Doc'

This book was amazing and great for all ages. I'm 13 and I loved this book. From beginning to end, I couldn\'t put it down!!!! I recommend this to everybody!! :)


Abbie Gets Fit is truly an inspirational book that all parents should share with their children! My 7 year old daughter could not even make it through the book without seeing how many curl-ups and push-ups she could do. Since reading the book, we have consistently worked on doing some type of exercise each day and improving on the number of curl-ups and push-ups we can do each week. This is a must read for not only our children, but for adults as well.


This book was awesome i really liked it.... i read it to my younger sister and she liked it too. when i read it to myself i could really picture Abbie doing exercise and everything, even without seeing the pictures. it was like i was really in the book. i recommend this book to everyone it is really good. i think it is good for all ages.


Having raised two daughters myself and now being a grand pop must have softened me up because I wasn\'t half way through the book and I had to wipe away the tears of emotion. This is a book not only for children and our need to reverse childhood obesity, but this is a book for Moms and Dads and grand parents to all get off the couch, get America active again and reverse the obesity epidemic. Well done, Abbie and Dad.


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